Storytelling School
Tell your own story and get people to listen to it

Storyteliing is the art of telling a story.

Whatever you do on the Net you need to tell a story. It is impossible now to get promoted without showing your face and being honest to your audience. Without telling a story.

We are all accustomed to stories. Our mothers read us adventurous novels when we were little children. Our friends share with us their travel stories. So our brain digests information better when it is presented in story type.

Begin telling your story! Find your readers!

Online Course
Do you want to learn storytelling deeper and start telling your story on your social media? Get into my online course and become a professional storyteller!
Storytelling Method course
Unit 1 - What is storytelling. Main elements of the story.
Unit 2 - Using storytelling to boost your social media brand
Unit 3 - Storytelling scenarios for stories, reels and videos
Unit 4 - Stylistic storytelling: making texts
Other courses
In different areas to broaden your outlook
Using modern AI for creating great pictures and using them at work
How to make a stylish jute basket for keeping all your staff inside.

Using modern AI for exploring handmade world and getting extra-ordinary references for your work.

Here you will find articles about storytelling devices, tv tropes and stylistic means, which will be very useful for your story.
Travelling storytelling
This is my personal blog
Here I share some stories about my life and travel. Read my blog to know me better and to get pleasure from my stories, actually!