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Online course Midjourney for handmade
10 lessons
1,1 hours of studying
All-life access
Who will like this course?
Handmade lovers
People who love trying everything new
Handmade businesswomen
who are short of ideas now
What you will learn here
  • How to use
    artificial intelligence to get ideas for making popular and outstanding handmade crafts
  • How to use
    Midjourney AI even if you are not a tech lover
  • Where to get
    unlimited free inspiration for your handmade masterpieces
Course Schedule
Introduction. How to make great handmade references in a minute.
What is Midjourney AI. How artificial intelligence works.
How to get free version of Midjourney easily
Quick guide to paid Midjourney version
Ideas for embroidery
Ideas for dolls and toys
Ideas for room boxes
Ideas for jewellery and clothes
Ideas for painting
Course creator
Tatiana Zhakova - digital nomad, journalist, writer and blogger. Loves exploring something new and sharing her experience.

Founder of Russian city journal Creator of first Russian online course in storytelling. I’ve made 10 more big courses in different topics on since 2014.

More than 4 000 students. More than 1000 articles. More than 10 000 hours writing. 2018 - first fiction book “That very story in the city”.

Tik Tok & reels creator - more than 150 000 subscribers in TT, Likee, YouTube, Instagram. As a social media manager, promoted more than 60 companies including retail (Spar, Spar online), photo education (Photoschool 2.8), showmen, health, retail.

Recent case: my Instagram client gained 240 000 subscribers with my reel strategy. Good skills in making websites and landing pages in Tilda. Now does a great job analysing TV Series tropes and storytelling technics.

After this course you will be able to
  • Use Midjourney
    for generating interesting and unique patterns
  • Make outstanding
    handmade crafts for your own use
  • Make extraordinary
    handmade kits for selling based on or Midjourney results
How to get the course
See you in my course!