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Travelling you feel life
One day you find yourself standing in the centre of a giant mall, all your things in backpack. You look at the people passing by and think: they will leave the mall and come home. But you won’t. You won’t come home anymore, because you don’t have it. You have the whole world instead to be your home.

You are a traveller now.

I don’t mean going on vacation with a pocket tour. Or visiting 3-4 countries in a bunch on your own. I mean that kind of a deep travel, when you go exploring country by country and you don’t know when you return. You don’t even know, if you return.

Once you pack your things, say goodbye to your cat and get on the plane. And from them on a holy mess starts: every day you need to find, where to live, what to do and how not to get crazy. Actually, you also need a o work and not to spend every second visiting sights, which adds difficulties to your everyday routine.

Why people go on such trips?

I think, there are multiple reasons. Firstly, some are tired of everything in their lives and want to broaden horizon. Then, for some travelling and discovering new countries around the globe is a life aim. Some people want to prove something to themselves or their relatives. And some are pressed to leave their country for some reason, and choose not just emigration to one place, but eternal moving.

And even if there are so many difficulties to face while travelling, it is still worth it.

On a trip, you remember everything much more vividly. Like, what did you do on 4th November 2021? Usually you don’t remember what happens on a common day. But if it was a voyage? You will remember almost every day if it.

Because every country in your travel is a little life. So travelling is like a way to have multiple lives, meet different people and try different lifestyles.

Yes, sometimes you experience emotional waves. But all in all every travel gives you new breathtaking experiences and thrilling emotions. If you travel, you have more colours of life in your palette.

When travelling, you feel alive. Because it is one if the most decent ways to live. So, what all the trouble costs, if in the end it gives you everything?