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Top 20 Subject Photographers

Who makes the coolest layouts and pics
Author of the article: Tatiana Zhakova
Journalist, linguist, teacher of storytelling with 10 years of experience
In 2015 she created and promoted her project about Nizhny Novgorod,, after which she created a course called "Storytelling: How to Tell Your Story" based on it. Over 4,000 students have taken the course.

A linguist by education, she quickly masters new areas. Now she is actively studying screenwriting and storytelling in movies/serials, and writes about it in her project's blog.
To be a good photographer, you have to train your eyesight. You have to look a lot, practice a lot, and then something will come out.

For a long time I've been looking for people who take great subject photos on the phone, so I can learn from their experience and get inspired and signed up. I want to share a selection of profiles with you.
    The aesthetics of the subject photos and facades of homes from American Township.
      So many pink and beige flechettes!
        Stylish magazine-like layouts with food, cosmetics, and women's fashion magazines.

        Chic, light and trendy photos of the beautiful life.
        Warm photos in a beautiful color scheme and with very cozy solutions.
        Not a blogger, but a selection of inspiring layouts with even more interesting profiles to subscribe to!
        Tender, bright and groovy subject photography solutions!
        Standard, pretty white pictures above.

        A very beautiful account dedicated to pictures of hands.
        Lots of food, but lots of cool, interesting stuff, too!
        Monochrome, coffee, stationery - just what you need for a concise businessman's blog.
          Wine, drawing, watercolors - a very sticky profile!
          And there's motherhood, flowers, perfumes, interiors, and just a lot of mimicry!
          A very romantic and girly blog.
            This is a very cool place to take pictures of iPhones and their cases :)
            A concise blog about flowers and spring.
            @ me_and_orla
              Very cool finds and profile shots!!!
                Flowers, but with a very special atmosphere.
                  A mix of photography and illustration.