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20 Design Ideas for Your Stories

Author of the article: Tatiana Zhakova
Journalist, linguist, teacher of storytelling with 10 years of experience
In 2015 she created and promoted her project about Nizhny Novgorod,, after which she created a course called "Storytelling: How to Tell Your Story" based on it. Over 4,000 students have taken the course.

A linguist by education, she quickly masters new areas. Now she is actively studying screenwriting and storytelling in movies/serials, and writes about it in her project's blog.
Storytimes have long ceased to be just pictures and videos of life.

Since the profession of "Story Maker" even emerged, every blogger has been trying to make their stories as aesthetically pleasing, engaging, and cool as possible.

We've prepared for you storizé ideas that you can make on your own using only Instagram tools. And these storizas will greatly enhance the quality of your content.
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