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How Often Do You Think About Roman Empire?

Where this meme came from, why girls ask this question in Tik Tok in all countries, and what it means
The question about the frequency of thinking about the Roman Empire has become an unexpected hit on social networks. This unusual trend allows girls to test the hypothesis that many men really often think about Rome.

It all started with a suggestion from an Instagram user from Sweden named Saskia Cort in September 2022. Her idea is to ask a guy how many times he thinks about the Roman Empire."
How Often Do You Think About Roman Empire?
Saskia Cort shared screenshots of messages from her subscribers who participated in an experiment and found out that their interlocutors quite often think about the Roman Empire. This question became popular in the Swedish segment of the Internet.

A year later, in August-September 2023, the trend took on a new dimension. An Instagram user with the nickname Gaius Flavius, who, judging by his name, is a fan of ancient Rome, posted a video on August 19, suggesting that the experiment be repeated. The video has racked up nearly two million views.
Girls from all over the world decided to conduct an interesting experiment to test a theory. They asked their boyfriends, husbands, fathers, brothers and friends the question, "How often do you think about the Roman Empire?" And surprisingly, most of the men admitted that they do indeed think of her not infrequently. Some think of the Roman Empire at least once a month, others do it two or three times a month, and some guys even think about the subject several times a week.
One TikTok user conducted her own little experiment by interviewing a few guys she knows. Surprisingly, each of them admitted that they have some thoughts or memories related to the Roman Empire.

Many girls, of course, were interested in the question, "Why do guys think about the Roman Empire so often?" Bloggers answer this question with inspiration, talking about how the small settlement of Rome became a mighty empire, the greatness of their system of government, the gorgeous architecture, the water system and the political and military victories. Other guys claim that they think of Rome so often because they are "conquerors by nature."
Social media users have also identified several historical topics that men apparently also think about. Such topics include World War II and ancient Russia. And for girls, a variation of this meme could be princesses from the royal family or Princess Diana.