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Top 15 remote professions in 2021

The 21st century has opened up many opportunities for us to work from home and earn as much as, and often even more than, our office mates. The year 2020 has shown that sometimes this is even a vital necessity.

Our school team has prepared a list of the most popular and relevant Internet professions. For all of them you can take a very quick training and start working and earning on the Internet right now!
Author of the article: Tatiana Zhakova
Journalist, linguist, teacher of storytelling with 10 years of experience
In 2015 she created and promoted her project about Nizhny Novgorod,, after which she created a course called "Storytelling: How to Tell Your Story" based on it. Over 4,000 students have taken the course.

A linguist by education, she quickly masters new areas. Now she is actively studying screenwriting and storytelling in movies/serials, and writes about it in her project's blog.
SMM Manager
Perhaps the easiest, but the most myth-rich profession.

It seems to be easy to master it - just post and post your pics. However, large companies need much more, here and competitor analysis, strategy, analytics and audit.

SMM market has now come to the point where there is a lot of competition, but there are no direct specialists. You can become such a specialist by gaining huge experience with various projects or by mastering some new and unexplored fields.

Tic Tok, Yandex Zen, Yandex Q - the world of social networks is not limited. Literally in 2-3 months you can go to a stable, good income: first, to try the most, then take a couple of projects conditionally "for free" to have cases, and then continue to work for normal money with them and find new customers.

You can also lead Instagrams, but it is much more difficult to get your uniqueness. In the world of SMM, this works by word of mouth - you get good results with someone and they recommend you to others. Like a tutor for junior high school students. So in this case it is also important to catch on - to start working with someone not so much for the money, but for the recommendation.

Story Maker
If you are good at shooting videos, writing scripts, running a story, and can make 20 different presentations of the same pen, you can try yourself as a story-maker.

Many large companies, who have already realized that it is behind the storytelling and their warming funnels - sales of the future, need such specialists. This is someone who combines the skills of a videographer, screenwriter and graphic designer. And also someone with whom you have to be on the same wavelength to make the work stick :)
Producer of info launches
A launch is the beginning of training at this or that school, with this or that expert. And every successful launch needs its own producer. Unless, of course, the expert or the owner of the school is a many-legged all-round man.

What does the producer do? Makes a sales funnel, interacts with all the contractors (whether it's technical support for the site or presentation design). Or, at first, does everything himself :)

To start as a producer of launches, you can find an expert in Instagram with his audience (even 1000 people will do for a start!) And offer him to make a course that you will produce. And the profits split in half or invest in the next step. Expert, by the way, can be your friend with his audience - it's even preferable.

In general, this is a very, very profitable specialty, where the ceiling of earnings is almost unlimited! And it's very interesting, so go for it!
Stop Motion Animator
Animated videos are what's gaining the most views in advertising creatives right now. Especially, high-quality animated videos. Learning how to make them is not at all difficult and realistic on the phone. The main thing - the idea, and enough taste/vision for its implementation.

Learn how to do animation - you will be in demand. And you can charge anywhere from 3,000 to directly many thousand rubles for one clip.
This profession is for those who like to count and analyze. Companies are not willing to just pour advertising budgets down the drain, they need to understand what they are doing, why, and how. What is the prognosis from these spent sums. Why it turned out this way and not that way.

All this is done by the analyst. And also operates all sorts of strange words: ROI, CTR and so on.

It's a sought-after profession, and you can't find good analysts around the corner. But it is also a very serious profession - the analysts are paid a lot of money.

So, if you like digging into numbers and drawing conclusions, this Internet business is for you!
Traffic Manager
And this dude analyzes where to get traffic to the product to make more sales. Then he starts advertising in those channels or looks for the right contractors (depending on the company's budget).

Figuring out all the traffic channels at once is not easy, but if you have this kind of experience, you could be a gold mine. After all, agree, a business owner will be willing to give a lot for the opportunity to get more people to their site and more sales of their product.

Especially if this increase will be comprehensively dealt with one person.
Creator and administrator of chatbots

Chatbots are when you register for a webinar, but you do not go straight to the site, but to a "handy messenger". And there you already get a link to the broadcast, as well as a bunch of ads in the future.

Why now almost all ads do not lead to the site, but to the chat-bot? Yes, because with the site the client can easily leave and forget about you, and in the chat-bot he is with you forever. Well, almost. If you are not too obtrusive.

You have to create and administer such chatbots. And this is also a demanded and profitable profession of today.
Creator of VR masks
"Virtual reality is the future" - have you heard that one? Well, the future has arrived.

Instagram masks are the very moment of virtual reality in our modern lives. In addition to providing additional user reach and new followers - those who directly use the mask - they also open up new business opportunities. For example, a merchandise business can give its potential customers a "touch" of a product.

Put some lipstick on their lips this or that. See how a light fixture will harmonize with the curtains. And all of this from the comfort of a stopovers. How cool is that?

Learn how to make these masks and practice presenting them to customers. They are the future.
Creator of mini-bandings and tablets
Websites and even single-page sites are no longer good at converting traffic from social networks into orders. Now, for example, you can mostly see a multicast service or a mini-lending from a chatbot in the header of your profile.

Creating such mini-lending and chatbots is certainly not a full-time job, more of a specialty that can go "on top of" any of the ones listed here. But with the proper approach, creating mini-sites is also an art.
Website Designer
Website creation is still one of the most profitable online professions. Companies still need large sites with product catalogs, one-page subplots and sites optimized for SEO.

Especially since it's easier than ever to master website layout with today's designers. Tilda has plenty of free tutorials, and even Wix and Wordpress have stepped up in their functionality and visuals.

All in all, you don't have to know coding or know how to program in order to make websites. Even Zero-blocks can not master at first. The cost of a website created even on the website builder starts at 10 000 rubles. And you can take a minimum of 5 projects per month (again, with a working word of mouth and the availability of portfolios). That's how you count.
More and more companies are beginning to use storytelling as an indispensable and effective tool for building a personal brand. It is through it that the best sales are now being made.

Storytelling is a story. What is a story without a storyline? And what is a storyline without a script? So you can learn to create interesting stories with an engaging plot and sharp, relevant conflict - it always comes in handy.

I won't say that HeadHunter has a stack of screenwriting jobs waiting for you in the business industry, but with the right positioning, success in this profession can be achieved.
Specialist in Market Places
Marketplace giants, such as Wildberries and Ozon, are now gaining momentum and are trending. If you learn how to administer products there and especially how to promote them, many owners, from singles to large companies, will be willing to hire you. Plus you can always hook up consulting and earn extra money.
Online School Administrator
Online education is experiencing not just a boom, but a real boom, especially with the arrival of the pandemic.

Many who lost their jobs "offline" are hastily changing their specialization. Those who have long thought about their online school have stopped slowing down. Experts, realized that "when, if not now."

But an online school is not just about recording a course and letting it somehow sell. This is a site setup, and administration of social networks / chatbots, and moderating webinars, and many, many more things that no one even knows about, until they start looking in this direction closely.

In general, all the developing online schools now need administrators. A lot of administrators. So, if you are willing to get very little at first (and maybe even nothing at the initial stage, just work for experience), but still want to move into the topic of online education, try yourself here.

By the way, if the school grows with your administration, your salary will grow with it. Provided you're a valued employee.

Well, or you can administer 1 to 3 projects. It all depends on you.

Blogger's assistant
It only seems that working as a blogger is just taking pictures in the morning and taking pictures of food in the afternoon. No, it's work, too. Especially if the blogger is not just a blogger, but also works somewhere, or sells some of their products.

Basically, all bloggers have assistants who negotiate with advertisers, are on hand with routine tasks, and can listen to worries about the hard life of blogging.

How do you find such a job? Subscribe to those bloggers you like and keep an eye on their content - they often publish similar jobs. Or even write to them yourself, but stand out from the crowd with your appeal. Maybe the blogger has been thinking about an assistant like you for a long time and was in a passive search. And here is such a sign of fate :)
How do you even master an online profession?
- be flexible
- read and watch a lot
- take courses from people you trust
- start working conditionally "for free
- get a lot of practice
- build up a portfolio
- Always be on the lookout for trends