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How to get promoted on Pinterest

And get multi-million dollar traffic for free.
A source that will work for you.
Author of the article: Tatiana Zhakova
Journalist, linguist, teacher of storytelling with 10 years of experience
In 2015 she created and promoted her project about Nizhny Novgorod,, after which she created a course called "Storytelling: How to Tell Your Story" based on it. Over 4,000 students have taken the course.

A linguist by education, she quickly masters new areas. Now she is actively studying screenwriting and storytelling in movies/serials, and writes about it in her project's blog.
Not all social networks have started working not for you, but for money. For example, Pinterest, a social network with boards, can give you a million (no kidding) users a month if you set it up properly.

In this article, we break down how to set up Pinterest to promote your business. Set it up once and get clients consistently.
Pinterest is a social network and a picture search engine at the same time. Here you "pin" your favorite ideas to your boards so that you can return to them later for inspiration.

1 - Kick regularly

To become successful on any social network, you just have to "live" in it. That's first of all. Secondly, your activity in the social network is an indicator for it that you are an important user, whose publications should be shown more often.)

This, by the way, doesn't only work on Pinterest.

It is recommended to pin 2-3 times a day, regardless of whether you post your own pins or save someone else's. Undoubtedly, both are important.

So it's very difficult to promote but not "hang out" on Pinterest, as it requires quite a lot of attention.

2 - Publish beautiful and trendy vertical pictures

Pinterest format - long vertical, light and pretty pictures. All sorts of DIY instructions go very well. That's why it's advised to pick just those for publishing.

You can make them yourself using programs like Photoshop, Canva, Bazaart, PicsArt, etc. You can order from a designer to save your time and get a guaranteed good result.

3 - All pictures from your site must be pinned

One important rule for both promoting your site on Pinterest and even for search engine optimization in general.

Any picture that appears on your site should be sent to Pinterest with a link to the original source.

This will give extra social signals to the search engine robots and extra content to your boards on Pinterest.

4 - Lead people to articles and free

It's unlikely that people from Pinterest will immediately be willing to buy something from you. It's best to lead them to some kind of free lead magnet - a blog post, for example. Or some of your free products.

That way they'll warm up and go on the journey with you, getting to know you better day by day.
5 - Miscellaneous boards
Pinterest has its own rules. And one of them is that all pins have to be sorted into boards.

It's like the folders in your bookcase. Imagine - here you have crafts, here you have sheet music, and here you have newspaper clippings about Harry Potter.

It's the same on Pinterest - you need to name the boards what you want to put there, and add pins by topic.

You shouldn't put everything on one board - it's bad visually, for you in terms of enjoyment and satisfaction, and for the platform itself. It's better to just separate all the pins into topic boards and keep them in order.

And if suddenly everything is clogged - this order to restore :) Not to delete everything in a row, but to clean up what's unnecessary.

That way your Pinterest will be neat, inspiring, and bring in new and new customers.