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How to learn writing

How to write posts, articles and even books - a 100% proven way
Author of the article: Tatiana Zhakova
Journalist, linguist, teacher of storytelling with 10 years of experience
In 2015 she created and promoted her project about Nizhny Novgorod,, after which she created a course called "Storytelling: How to Tell Your Story" based on it. Over 4,000 students have taken the course.

A linguist by education, she quickly masters new areas. Now she is actively studying screenwriting and storytelling in movies/serials, and writes about it in her project's blog.
Whatever social media, the ability to write and tell your story through text is one of the keys to successful promotion. As a writer with 15 years of experience who has written more than 1,000 texts, large and small, I can conclude: writing is the same muscle that you need to train to achieve the desired result.

A novice creator or sms writer can use the writing skill for a variety of purposes: putting up a post on social media, composing a letter or a chain of progression, writing a script for a stopgap story.

And, if you've never written before, you may encounter a variety of challenges when starting your text. This fear of a blank page, not understanding where to start, doubts that someone needs your text at all, difficulties in composing a logical sequence of sentences.

I'll try to help you and give you some tips on how to learn how to write good texts for all your purposes and do it easily and with pleasure.

There are 2 major tips on how to learn to write better

  • The first is to read more.

    Try to read different authors, pay attention to the constructions they use, and maybe even write out some memorable moments for yourself. This will improve your reading, which, like observation, is very important for content production.
  • The second is to write more.

    Yes, it will be a little messy at first. Yes, it will take a lot of time at first. But Practice makes perfect, and even if you don't write a masterpiece of world literature from the first book, you'll take one first step toward creating it. And that's no small thing.

Write a little, but every day

A stand-up guy I know told me in an interview that he always writes from 12 a.m. to 1 a.m. so he doesn't lose his skill. And I think that's a technique you can adopt.

Allocate yourself 10 minutes during which you're going to get your hand in. Write about anything: how your day went, feelings, desires, fears, something you want to say to the world. Over time, topics for writing will become more orderly and important, and such "practice" will produce truly publishable posts.

Write on topics that touch you

Texts that have emotion are the best on the Internet. And you yourself will be more interested in writing about what really bothers you.

Even if you think that your audience needs to know how the Zodiac signs behave in what situation, but you want to speculate about the place of astrology in the modern world and complain that it is not taken seriously, a post on the second topic will get a lot more responses, because it resonates first and foremost with you personally.

You write as if you were telling a friend

Leave complicated turns, clichés, and clichés out of school essays. Write as if you were meeting your best friend, and it's to him now that you're telling about your experience of welcoming the New Year in a warm country, rather than trying to create a post that will immediately be so masterful that it will go viral on all the public Internet sites and be read on Channel One on New Year's Eve. Be as simple as possible in the presentation of your thoughts.
If you have a compound sentence, divide it into two.

In time you will be fine with both participles and gerunds, but to start your writing it is better to take the rule "The simpler, the better.

Create poetic images

It's much easier for people to read your text if their imagination can make up their own "movie.

So when you say you saw a woman in the window, add a little characterization to her: let her be not just any woman, but a tall brunette with curly hair, who was passionately reading a book and gesturing as if she were about to leap out of the window frame.

See what I mean?

Use the "Rule of 3"

If you can't make a harmonious sentence when listing, use the "Rule of 3s. It consists of taking three elements: chicken, sausage, and sauce. Or a skirt, a blouse, and a jacket.

And if you add adjectives to them, it's perfect.

Assignment for advanced:

I've already said that when reading, you can write out beautiful constructions and words directly.

Or you can go to the next level: you can find a list of artistic tropes and syntactic constructions, discover them in the text, and determine what is used in this particular case and for what purpose.

And remember that a good text is a literate text

So if you feel you have a problem with it, improve your literacy.

Buy (or download) a Russian language textbook and take online tests. Pay attention to adverbs, commas, complex sentences and all kinds of participles/departures.
Writing is great!

Don't be afraid to start and improve! After all, it's a great way to express yourself and say something important to the world. Which means it's your weapon in a world that's not easy right now.

Write not to sell something, but to make a difference. And then everything will work out for sure.