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Kyrgyzstan is a nature lover's paradise

You'll get to Karakoo, find a yurt there, spend the night there," the Kyrgyz driver told us, shaking at every bump. He is also the owner of the house where we stayed for one night in Bishkek. - But it's better to go to Kadzhi-Sai via Baikebaevo. It's closer to Lake Issykul, and it's more convenient to stay there.
От всех этих названий немного кружится голова, а разноцветные горы по обеим сторонам машины поражают воображение. Мы в Киргизии, детка.
Kyrgyzstan, or Kyrgyzstan, is a CIS country, 80% of which is mountainous.
Capital City - Bishkek, a small soulful city where you can do everything in one day. The local currency is soms, the ratio to the ruble is almost 1 to 1, a little smaller. The Kyrgyz speak Russian and Kyrgyz (the language is very similar to Turkish, Uzbek, and Kazakh).

In general, you should go to Kyrgyzstan for the bright colors and delicious food, but to really get to know her, you need to get out of the city and go to nature.
Perhaps Kyrgyzstan's main natural pride, Lake Issyk-Kul, is located 300 kilometers from the capital. The Kyrgyz divide it into northern and southern shores. The northern one has rest houses and boarding houses, the southern one is more for the locals, and all the main beauties are concentrated here. The lake itself, by the way, is cold even in the season, so you probably won't be able to have a swim.
How do you move?
There are small villages along the south shore that you can drive through. If you go by car, everything is clear here: you get in and drive, stop where you need to. But if you don't?
There are practically no shuttles here, only from large cities like Karakol. But there is no public transport that will take you to this or that gorge. What to do - to get out on the highway and vote with a thumbs up! Good old hitchhiking always comes in handy; the car will stop in front of you in 5-10 minutes maximum. If you are driven by a smart trucker, he will ask you to pay 100-200 soms depending on the distance, and the same travelers are likely to give you a lift for free just for a couple of interesting stories.
What to see on the southern shore of Issyk-Kul?
Fairy Tale Canyon
Colorful mountains that are as beautiful as those in California! A very bright and unusual sight.

Barskoon Falls
Three waterfalls located on a mountain stream. It is easy enough to reach the first one, the second is 60 stories high, but to get to the third one, you need almost hiking equipment. But all this is practically alpine mountain views! Incredible beauty.
Karakol Township
The biggest town on the left side of the lake. Here and noisy bazaars, nice houses, and delicious cafes with traditional food: bolo lagman, manti, ashlamfu. It differs from the rest of the villages, where there are literally two streets and ten houses.
Altyn-Arashan Gorge
To get there is not easy - you need to book a jeep (10,000 for two people round trip) and allocate a whole day. It is said that the springs here are therapeutic and help with diseases of the nervous system. And the beauty of the springs, gorge and swallow's nest will please couples in love.
Photo by: Denis Volkov and Anton Petrus
Photo by: Ulukmyrza Junusov
Son-Kul Lake
The second large lake is located in the mountains. It is highly recommended to go there in spring, during the blooming season. The lake, rich in different landscapes, with 18 streams and one mountain river, makes a lasting impression on tourists.
What else?
Ala-Archa Gorge
This gorge is already near Bishkek. If you still decided not to go to Issyk-Kul, you can see some of the beauty and near the capital. Gorges, waterfalls, paths and even a museum - all this can be found in the park-reserve.
Photo by: Andrey Krotov
Well, in general, in Kyrgyzstan more than 20 incredibly beautiful places, so you can choose the destination of your choice.
Where to stay?
The bulk of hotels in Kyrgyzstan are guesthouses and homestay -when you rent a room in a house from locals. A great way for those who want to socialize and immerse themselves more in the local culture, the hosts will not only tell you where to go for the most beautiful views, but also prepare a delicious breakfast.
You can stay in a yurt town, which is a more expensive and touristy way to spend the night. Almost all along the southern shore of Issyk-Kul there are lovely yurts at the foot of the mountains.
And sometimes you can find good hostel-hotels for a reasonable price. For example, we like Snow Leopard in Karakol.
Are you more of an urban vacationer or do you crave the outdoors?