Knocking on Heaven's Door - what makes this comedy such a favourite?

One of the most famous, loved and highly rated movies is Knocking on Heaven's door. You've probably heard the song Knocking on Heaven's door by Bob Dylan and the phrase "In heaven, they're talking about nothing but the sea and how wonderful it is". But mostly we remember that we watched it once a long time ago, in the early 2000s, and except for the last frame and this winged phrase, we can't remember anything. And the film is very unusual, funny, and, what is quite surprising - it is not an English film, but a German one! It is surprising because it is perceived as a classic of world cinema.

"Reach for Heaven" is a road movie, a comedy about two terminally ill young men, Martin Brest (Til Schweiger), who has just been diagnosed with a large brain tumour, and Rudy Wurlitzer (Jan Josef Liefers), who suffers from bone sarcoma. They end up in the same ward and decide to have fun in the last days of their lives.
Rudy tells Martin that he has never seen the ocean, and Martin decides to take his new mate to the big water. They steal a Mercedes and escape from the hospital. However, the two violent but bumbling gangsters they steal the car from turn out to have a gun in the glove compartment and a briefcase with a million marks inside in the boot. Frankie Beluga, the boss of the two gangsters, orders them to return the car and the money. Meanwhile, as they have nothing to lose anyway, Rudy and Martin start their own criminal careers.

What popular storytelling techniques do we see in this film?
Bank Robbery - Martin robs a bank to be able to pay for clothes for himself and Rudy. Only afterwards do they find out that there is a suitcase full of money in the boot of the Mercedes. Shortly after he leaves, Henk and Abdul try to rob the same bank to buy a replacement car, but discover that someone has already emptied the bank. Bank robbery is a very popular plot in many comedies.

Big Bad -like Thanos or Voldemort-is the head of Frankie Boy Beluga's gangsters, who sends them to retrieve the car along with the suitcase
McGuffin is a suitcase full of money that serves as Rudy and Martin's wallet after they discover it.

Cool Car - Mercedes 230 SL. Also the pink Cadillac that Martin buys for his mother. In general, Honest John's dealership is filled with half junk and half cool cars.
Film by Song - The title of the film is a reference to a Bob Dylan song.

Grammar Nazi - Hank when correcting Abdul. Remember, one gangster kept mixing up the words and the other one kept correcting him.

Reference - Martin Brest and Rudi Wurlitzer are named respectively after the director of Midnight Run and the head writer of Two Lane Black, which are also road movies.

What's the point of the film?

The meaning of the film lies in the ideas of freedom, adventure, live contact with the world and, of course, the value of every moment in life. It draws attention to the importance of living life to the fullest, despite the difficulties and limitations we face. The film suggests that even in the most difficult situations, you can find joy and true happiness if you live in the here and now, appreciate every moment and go for your dreams, no matter what.

In addition, the film's title song, "Knocking on Heaven's Door," also carries a symbolic meaning and reflects the theme of death, hope and a certain mystery that accompanies us on our journey through life.
Do you like road movies and films about how the characters start to live life to the fullest after the news of their imminent death? What similar works can you recommend? I associate with this film the book "Veronica Decides to Die" by Paolo Coelho and the film "Barefoot on the Pavement" also with Til Schweiger and directed by him. There is no death there, but it is also a road-movie, you should definitely watch it.