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10 reasons to go to Kazakhstan
One of the most interesting and currently open destinations is Kazakhstan, a country from the former Soviet Union with its own flavor and culture. Kazakhstan is on the border with Russia, and you can fly there for a very democratic price - from 8,000 rubles per person without luggage.
The country itself will definitely surprise you, because it's as if you don't expect anything special from Kazakhstan, and for good reason! I have selected 10 reasons for you to come to Kazakhstan and spend your vacation (or trip) there.
1. Breathtaking mountains and magnificent nature
First of all, Kazakhstan is known to us as a natural land. And if you like climbing peaks, mountain rivers and waterfalls, solitude with nature - Kazakhstan has it all, and in abundance. So take your friends, pack your backpack, google all the mountains and rivers of Kazakhstan, and go ahead, to explore this big and hearty country.

As the saying goes, only mountains are better than mountains.
2. Walk through the green streets of Almaty with a view of the mountains
Almaty, the former capital of Kazakhstan, is like Moscow, frozen 20 years ago. It was then that the capital of Kazakhstan was moved to Astana (now Nur-Sultan), and Almaty remained green, cozy, but at the same time very lively.

Five-story panels, buried in the greenery, modern shopping centers in Soviet buildings - that's how it is, Almaty. Lampshaded, but relevant.
3. Visit Medeo - the only high-mountain sport complex in the CIS
The Medeo stadium was built during the Soviet Union and was renovated in our time. It is a huge stadium in the mountains, where you can skate at any time of the year.

There is also a long funicular to Shymbulak Mountain. Three cable cars will take you to a height of 3,500 meters, opening a beautiful view of the mountain peaks, the panorama of Almaty and the cute houses on the slopes. It costs all this pleasure about 500 rubles per person. But don't forget warm clothes - it's cold in the mountains!
4. Admire the futuristic architecture of Nur-Sultan
Kazakhstan's new capital strikes with its forms. Over the past 20 years, the former Astana (Nur-Sultan since 2019) has been rebuilt so that it truly seems to be the city of the future. When you go there, you expect to get in Krasnodar, but you end up in Dubai. Well, conventionally.

Spherical buildings, bizarre diagonals, a lot of shiny skyscrapers at every step - lovers of modern architecture are sure to love it here!
5. Have a taste journey

In Kazakhstan (especially in Almaty) there are a lot of original local cafes with different themes, such as Korean street food or Italian restaurants. You can also eat here at world-renowned places that have never come to Russia, such as the famous Wendy's chain. Well, no one cancelled the delicious traditional cuisine - besbarmak, syrne, koktal and other Kazakh delicacies are literally at every step and in every canteen here.

The point is that all the food here is very tasty and very cheap at the same time. It's perfect for a gastronomic adventure.

6. Visit Russia outside of Russia
It's a very strange feeling to walk down a street where everything is lit in Russian, signs are everywhere in Russian, the feeling of the street itself is Russian, but at the same time you realize that you are not in Russia. But at the same time, you feel how big our country is, and that its borders go far beyond its borders in fact.
7. Going back 20 years
As I said, it's like Almaty is a bit stuck in the early 2000s, both in atmosphere and prices. So if you miss that lamplight time, you can make such a kind of leap into the past and enjoy the bygone times.
8. Live in a shiny skyscraper cheaply
In Nur-Sultan, of course, there are very futuristic buildings with modern apartments, but with very democratic prices. So, if you have long wanted to experience what it is like to live in Moscow City, and also to make beautiful content for social networks, then you can do it about 10 times cheaper in Kazakhstan.
9. Go into stores that we no longer have
Kazakhstan is not under sanctions, which means Oysho, H&M, and Starbuks are all here. You can stroll through your long-loved stores and feel like you're in the good old days. And Instagram also works without a VPN, and they open cards for foreigners in banks.
10. Practice photography
Among all these unusual buildings of Nur-Sultan you can make photos of textures, curves and reflections. It's a great place to run your imagination and practice your powers of observation. You can even arrange your own personal photo tour!

Would you like to go to Kazakhstan? What countries are you planning to visit this year?