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5 recent thoughts in my around-the-world travel
Time is unbelievably precise.

It just goes on and on, passing the events by. It doesn’t care if you want to stay somewhere longer or you want to prolong a moment or to. It just goes. No regrets. No delays. Whatever you do, time goes.
I am a very calm person. Nothing thrills me too much.

You know, when a blogger comes to Bali, he starts shouting Oh, I’m on Bali! It’s so inspiring and spiritual!
Not my style.

When a person goes on a world trip, he always mentions it with “I am so great” context. Not my style either.

For me it’s like, ummm, yeah, I am on Bali. Yeah, during a world trip. Yeah. And half a year ago I was making online interviews in Nizhny Novgorod. Yeah, that’s right. And what of it?
I love that feeling when points on map become alive. They are not points anymore, they are real cities and villages. You learn their vibe and atmosphere and never forget.
Now I feel much more like making Instagram Stories because I want to share with friends what we are doing right now.
It is so unbelievable, that travelling is absolutely different time period in your life.

You just wake up and go on exploring true world and different cultures. You just live and broaden your outlook - it is absolutely astonishing, very special life period. And that’s why it is so strange that some people don’t reach it.